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Using GPS: 26197 Chieftain Rd, Lawrence, KS.    

  1. Starting from downtown Lawrence (aka Massachusetts Street, purple on map), head north
  2. Take the bridge over the river
  3. After going over the river, go past the traffic light, and into a very short tunnel under a train bridge
  4. Keep heading north past the I-70 turnpike entrance on the right, I-70 itself goes overhead as you go past it
  5. At this point stay in the right hand side lane
  6. Turn right into Highway 24/40; speed up to 65 MPH
  7. Go past the Airport Motel you will see on the right hand side
  8. Road soon curves left
  9. You'll see an intersection with a right hand side exit for Hiwy 32--do not take the Hwy 32 exit
  10. Start slowing down...
  11. Because just 200 yards after that intersection is the Paradise Saloon's parking lot on the right hand side of the road (red star on map)
  12. Entire drive described above is about 5 miles and under 10 minutes
DIRECTIONS (or call 785-843-9601)